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Disaster Plan

Russian River Utility, in cooperation with Forestville Water District and Russian River County Water District, prepared a plan in February 1996 entitled the River Region Water Utilities Emergency Operations Plan.

Control System Included in the Plan is the procedure to employ the Standard Emergency Management system (SEMS), setting up an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the Forestville Water District office. This is adjacent to the Forestville Fire Protection District office, which also serves as the county’s EOC in the event of a Russian River flood.

Contingency plans are provided for earthquake damage, fire, flood, hazardous material spills, power failure and vandalism.

All water systems represented by the Russian River Utility are members of the state Water Agency Response Network (WARN). This network provides mutual aid from a majority of the water systems in California.

The Disaster Plan has been amended to include all systems operated by Russian River Utility. The mutual act provision applies to all 16 systems and includes the request for aide from a majority of the public and private water systems in California.

The Forestville water systems rely on Russian River Utility for most of their emergency water leaks and/or construction projects.

Russian River Utility has been contacted by the State Department of Health Services to assist small water systems on numerous occasions.

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Water Conservation Tips
  • Reduce irrigation by 10 to 20%.
  • Find and repair leaks now.
  • Inspect and tune up irrigation system monthly.
  • Irrigate between midnight and 6AM to reduce water loss from evaporation and wind.
  • Water landscape by hand during evening hours.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveway, deck or patio.
  • Use a bucket and a hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle when you wash the car, or take your car to a carwash that recycles water.
  • Cover pools and hot tubs to reduce evaporation.
  • Use front-loading washing machines.
  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads only.
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